Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Hand-Piecing Progress

Not Much!

Today was Devo and Sew day.  I had two objectives:  Prep and possibly finish my Tiny Tuesday assignment (an appliqued circle) and to make progress on Mystic Sunflowers that I wrote about here.  And being ever the optimist (or experienced pessimist), I took along my red scrap box planning to cut 5" squares out of the smaller chunks should I have extra time (NOT) or should I run into hurdles (more likely).

I was already 10 minutes away from the house when I remembered I had not packed the circle template I had carefully cut from a breakfast bar box this morning.

Figuring I could find another circular object at the church to make my circles I proceeded on my way.  Indeed, a coffee cup served the purpose, though it was a bit bigger than I had planned.

Since I didn't have the template to press the circle around I decided to work on this at home.  I did get a few more red 5" squares cut, but not many. 

To be honest, I hadn't seen these gals since the party at my house over a month ago, so a lot of time was spent visiting, catching up, comparing notes and, of course, eating!

I was able to get the large orange hexagons attached to each other on Mystic Sunflowers and to get my bearings on the next step.  This is English paper piecing so the pieces are already prepped; all I an doing now is whip-stitching them together.

Mystic Sunflower - Christine Porter design
The maroon squares will go in next, followed by the small purple side triangles, then the corner pieces.  Should be good TV stitching in the evenings.

Sunrise - Didn't see the sun till afternoon.

Wildlife - It's possible my otter sighting was really muskrats!  More research will be required.

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  1. Progress is progress even if it's not as much as had hoped. Love your Sunflower block. That is gorgeous.


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