Saturday, December 29, 2018

Counting Down

As the New Year approaches we tend to take stock of what we have accomplished this year and plan for the next year.

For me, our biggest accomplishment in 2018 was making a move 125 miles east in February and selling the old house in September.  We are finally feeling settled, meeting more of the neighbors, and getting involved in the community.  For me, that means sewing with a group of quilters twice a month, joining a guild here in the Glade, getting active in the Community Church, and testing the greens on one of the many golf courses.

In the quilting arena, I think the only finish I had was the wedding quilt for GS-2 and his bride.

Loose Change for A and K
Oh, I just remembered the two wall hangings I made for SIL's cabin, two finishes but only one totally completed this year.  I wrote about them here.

Next year I plan to concentrate on finishing UFOs and making smaller projects like potholders, table runners, and bed runners from orphan blocks.  I will be starting new quilts in March and April. Plus I am looking forward to doing some hand piecing again with the hand-pieced QAL.

Modest goals. Perhaps in the next couple of days I will come up with something more specific.

Day 29 of the 31-day challenge


  1. A move can take a lot out of you. The wedding quilt is really pretty. I wish you the best with your goals.

  2. You did well to have the finishes you enjoyed. They were real accomplishments in light of packing, moving, and unpacking all of your belongings this year. Especially since that also involved the onerous task of moving a sewing room!!!


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