Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The afterglow

My first party

... at the new house, that is.

I hosted the Devo and Sew group Christmas party yesterday.  

This is a group that meets twice a month at a church to sew on comfort quilts and/or personal projects.  After a salad bar lunch we have a devotional time before returning to our machines for a couple more hours.  One of the members, a blog reader, reached out to me within days of my arrival in the Glade, inviting me to come sew with them.  Everyone has made me feel so welcome and I wanted to return the favor by hosting the annual gathering.

Each person brought a cup (or a can) of vegetables to add to the "stone" in the soup pot.  As everyone gathered in the kitchen they were greeted by this mess on the kitchen table --

fixin's for a make-and-take project.  I was pleasantly surprised that everyone jumped into action.

The project was supposed to look something like this:

How do you think they did?

A rousing game of  Christmas charades finished off the day.  And best of all, Mr. Lakeside did the dishes because I had to run off to the LAST handbell practice for the Plateau Ringers.  Ring and Sing at the library today and my time of duty will be over!  (I'll still play with the church bells, tho.)

Day 5 of the 31-day writing challenge


  1. Of COURSE, you prepared a Make and Take project!! SEW much the thoughtful planner. What a wonderful time your guests must have had!

  2. Sehr gut! As my father would have said. Those are adorable little ornies and a great memento of the day together. Nice husband!


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