Sunday, December 9, 2018

Looking Ahead

I've spent the last couple days thinking about where I want my quilting adventure to go in 2019.

In the process, I've done some reorganizing of my closets in the sewing room.

AND updated my UFO list.  It's an embarrassment of riches or a heavy obligation, depending on ones point of view.  Almost 100 projects in various stages -- from nearly complete to a pattern with fabric in a box.  I could (and maybe I WILL) write about one a day for the next three months!

I've already identified about a dozen projects that I can scrap and reshelve the fabric without a moment of regret.  Several others have risen to the top as easy finishes.

Stay tuned and be ready to offer our suggestions.

Day 9 of the 31-day writing challenge


  1. Ha, so far I'm only at the "daydreaming and making lists" phase of 2019 planning! No reorganizing happening here yet :)

  2. I love your shelving. That's what I need here. =) Great idea to weed out the ones you've already learned what you wanted to know and don't want to finish!

  3. To my way of thinking, they don't count as UFOs, if the fabric hasn't been cut. Oh, but I have a hard time reshelving those fabrics!! I don't like fiving up on a quilted dream.


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