Saturday, December 15, 2018

Oh, and the Third Project

As long as I have leftover 9-patches and that box of Kim Diehl fabrics ...

I made this quilt several years ago to use up a toile fabric that I had been hoarding saving.  I was inspired by a picture in a magazine and modified the pattern to make it easier to construct.  I recently came across this photo, taken before it went to one of the recent disaster collections, and thought it would be fun and easy to make again with the leftovers from the other two projects I wrote about Thursday and Friday.

Day 15 of the 31-day challenge


  1. That's a pretty layout for some 9 patches, too! Love the reds and golds together!

  2. Anyone would be lucky to call that quilt their own!! Leftovers? I'll be looking forward to seeing what you make.

  3. You can't go wrong with 9-patches! That's a great setting - looking forward to your next one!
    (And woohoo! You're halfway there! I think you can! I think you can!)

  4. LOL -- I read "going to a recent disaster collection" as though the picture was being trashed. Upon second reading, I get it. Nice, simple design.


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