Thursday, December 13, 2018

I Have a Plan

Well, a vague plan, anyway ...

But a plan, nonetheless.

With retreats coming up in January (Rock Island) and February (Nuts and Bolts/Loucon), I have identified some things off my 100+ UFO list that I can easily move to completion.

This was a pleasant discovery when I went in search of fabrics for another project:

9-Patch Bonanza
This is the second (or third) project I've started with leftover 9-patches from a yet-to-be-completed quilt.  The plan is a narrow beige stop border, 2" scrappy squares for the next border, and 4"+ outer border using one of the fabrics in the patches.  It's all there in the box, ready to say, "DONE."

That original project needs to be finished for a class proposal for next Fall.  And as long as I'll have all the fabrics in the same place at the same time, I have plans for one more quilt to use up the excess 9-patches.

Three out of a hundred ... actually 101, because I had failed to put Bonanza on my spreadsheet!  PROGRESS

Day 13 of the 31-day challenge


  1. Great project. Great plan. Happy finishing!

  2. Wow, earthquakes...yikes. I'm so glad you salvaged your cake and it does look delicious. I wish I could find such beautiful pieces of work in my cubbies...So pretty and will be another finish.


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